Board Members

The Board of Directors consists of three members elected by the general assembly. The current Board of Directors consists of:


Ibrahim Al-Mohannadi

QFA's executive committee member and head of counsultancy unit at the security committee at the Supreme Commitee for Delivery & Legacy.

Salman Al-Ansari

Vice President
A lawyer, former footballer, Deputy Chairman of the Appeals Committees member at AFC and member of the Appeals Committee at FIFA.

Hani Ballan

CEO of Qatar Stars League, QFA executive committee member, Dupety Chairman of AFC's & FIFA's referee committee.

Board of Directors Authority

The Board of Directors is entrusted with the daily operation of Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation full powers to:

  • Receiving and managing the funds allocated to its activities.
  • Approving the QSAF and QSAT budget prepared by the General Secretariat.
  • Establish branches or offices of QSAF and QSAT.
  • Listing and delisting arbitrators comprising the list of arbitrators, listing and delisting mediators comprising the list of mediators.
  • Resolving challenges to and removals of arbitrators/mediators, and performing any other functions identified in the Statutes or the Rules/Mediation Rules/Regulations.
  • Proposing the appointment of the Chairmen of Divisions.
  • Appointing and terminating the QSAT Secretary General based on the recommendation of the President of QSAF.
  • Supervising the activities of the General Secretariat.
  • Proposing the amendments to the Statutes, the Arbitration Rules and the Mediation Rules.
  • Establishing of hearing centres and/or tribunals in places other than the offices of the QSAT.
  • The creation of a legal aid fund.
  • Approving, ratifying, and interpreting of internal regulations as may be required by the activity and operations of QSAF or QSAT and taking any measures needed to its operations.
  • Creating Ad-Hoc Chambers, permanent or temporary, for specific sporting events or specific sport(s).
  • Approving the Regulations and its amendments.