QSAF Announces Transitional Measures

Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation announced that the General Assembly has approved transitional provisions to cover the period between its incorporation and the activation. These provisions aim to protect the rights of any party who was not able to submit his requests to the Qatar Sports Arbitration Tribunal during the period prior to its activation.

The General Assembly’s resolution included a transitional provision extending the time limits stipulated in the Arbitration Rules and Regulations, where the last day for the submission of any request for arbitration will be November 15, 2019.

In accordance with this resolution, all requests for arbitration prior to the QSAT’s activation will be registered until November 15, 2019, after which  no requests for arbitration will be accepted. Furthermore, the time limit for filing the grounds for appeal shall commence from the date in which the request for arbitration is submitted for the transitional provisions’ duration.

In his statement Mr. Ibrahim Khalil Al Muhannadi, President of Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation, said that the resolution adopted by the General Assembly aims to address the period between the QSAF incorporation and its activation and to ensure that disputed parties rights are not lost. Mr. Al-Muhannadi added that these transitional provisions will apply on disputes prior to QSAT’s activation during which parties did not have the opportunity to bring their claims before QSAF.

On the other hand, Mr. Ibrahim Khalil Al-Mohannadi announced that the General Secretariat of Qatar Sports Arbitration Tribunal has registered the first request for arbitration and referred it to the competent division to commence the arbitration procedures.