Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation is an independent organization with the primary purpose of resolving sport-related disputes through arbitration and mediation. The incorporation of Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation came as a result of the cooperation between four sports entities in Qatar, namely: Qatar Olympic Committee, Qatar Football Association, Qatar Stars League, and Qatar Players Association. The organization came about to realize the need of an independent judicial body to resolve all sports-related disputes within the State of Qatar.


To solve disputes, the State of Qatar and the region has been relying on the resolution mechanisms described in the statutes of the respective associations or federations without any independent judicial oversight. The increase of sport-related disputes and the corresponding increase in related costs have highlighted the need for an independent body, such as Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation, within the State and the region to serve as the independent specialized body in resolving any sport-related dispute.


Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation and its working mechanisms are modeled after the International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to assure that the best international practices are adopted and to consequently ensure the authority’s independence to allow for the resolution of sport-related disputes with utmost impartiality, transparency and efficiency.


The main goal of Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation is to resolve sports-related disputes in accordance with a world-class system that offer simple, transparent, efficient and expeditious services.