Secretary General Message


We are proud to be the first country in the region to announce the establishment of an independent arbitration foundation to resolve all sport-related disputes. This was a result of the restructuring undertaken by the sports family in the State of Qatar to ensure it embraces the best international practices in all aspects of its operations including the dispute resolution process. Therefore, Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation was established to become a hub for sport arbitration in the region with core values of professionalism, efficiency, transparency and expeditiously.


We have set up Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation’s infrastructure based on advanced technologies which will enable us to operate with efficiency and simplicity, and to ensure that our services are not only limited to the State of Qatar or organizations within the state but also to all regional sports entities such as the Arabian Gulf Cup Football Federation and other similar entities regulating one or various types of sports in the region.


Since institutional sports arbitration is new to the community, locally and regionally, we made sure that training is available to all through partnerships with leading educational institutions. Such educational programs aimed to ensure that arbitrators, lawyers and any individuals involved with our foundation are equipped with the necessary tools and skills.


We believe that Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation will become a beacon in resolving sport-related disputes in the region.

Salman A. Al-Ansari

Secretary General