QSAF Announces Emergency Provisions

In line with the efforts of the government of the State of Qatar measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and  to ensure the safety of its employees and all parties using the its services and the continuity and efficiently of its operations, Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation announced that the General Assembly has approved emergency provisions to address any issue that could arise from the extraordinary circumstances the State and the world undergoing.

The General Assembly’s resolution included emergency provisions effective from 21 March 2020 until 1 June 2020. Based on this resolution, electronic telecommunication will be the main medium for all requests, memo, communication and hearings and other requirements, and all other provisions in contrary to these emergency provisions shall be suspended.

In his statement Mr. Ibrahim Khalil Al Muhannadi, President of Qatar Sports Arbitration Foundation, said that the resolution adopted by the General Assembly aims to address the extraordinary circumstances our beloved country and the world are going through and to ensure that the legal interests and rights of the disputing parties before the Qatar Sports Arbitration Tribunal are protected. Mr. Al-Mohannadi added that these emergency provisions will apply at all current active cases before Qatar Sports Arbitration Tribunal and any future cases.

Mr. Al-Mohannadi concluded his statement that these provisions are in alignment with the State policy and its precautionary measures and aligned with the best international standards. The International Court of Sports (CAS) and other international arbitration institution has issued similar provisions.

To view the Emergency provisions, please visit the web site at: https://www.qsaf.qa/en/arbitration-rules/